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Thank -you for considering us!  We know there are a lot of options out there, but we think we have a few things that set us a part from the rest:

Because all wedding films are NOT created equal.


Our goal is to give you something that you will actually want to WATCH & SHARE with friends and family year after year without your thumb planted on the Fast Forward button. Our philosophy is: If you want to Fast Forward any part of it, we've failed at our job.

Because we pride ourselves in giving you a product that you will love... and our brides & grooms seem to agree

Check out our many reviews from our couples

Because we work WONDERFULLY along side your other vendors (especially your photographers).

Ask them: some photogs have had bad experiences with videographers.  It is important to us that you know that we will not be a difficult team for your photographers to work with. We are looking to produce a wonderful product for our bride and groom right along with them, so let me set your mind at ease: We have a great reputation with photographers (many of whom we count as good friends outside of the wedding industry) and will work seamlessly with them.

Because we offer some "complimentary" things no matter what Package you choose.

Including FULL edits of the Ceremony & Speeches is something you will likely "pay extra" for with other film teams.  It's a complimentary offering from us no matter what.

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